If you don't like the color or you ordered the wrong item you are responsible for return shipping. Along with a 25% Restocking fee. Anodizing color shade may vary brand to brand and we will try to match your order the best we can. Colors on every screen can look different then the actual color. Order all the parts at one time for closest color match. Do not order off of a different website and expect them to match. We anodize one color order at a time and they will not match if you order from a different website and this website. Even if we own both websites.

Restocking Fee:

All items will get a 25% restocking fee unless we made the mistake. If it doesn't fit your gun or you do not like the color its still a 25% restocking fee. If your colors do not match a color you already got its still a 25% restocking fee. Again to get colors as close as possible you must order all items on the same order at the same time. All returns must be back to us within 30 days of original order date and New, not installed.

Shipping Address:

We only ship to billing addresses. Please do not email us to change an address. We do this to prevent credit card fraud and to protect you the customer. Any item sent back because it was sent to the address you entered will still have a 25% restock fee and you will be still charged the $5 shipping fee. We are not trying to be mean. We are trying to be upfront with you.


Because of images on website taken in different lighting and flash, the image colors may look a little different on each picture. When you order your AR 15 Anodizing colors please order them all at once to get the best possible match on colors. All colors will be as close as we can get them. Even though the images on this website will very in color they will be the same color or as close as we can get them. Some parts like mag catches and bolt catches might be a little darker then the rest of the items because of the material the parts are made out of. The Green Anodizing color in the images is a little off. The Green is like a forest green. It is not a Kawasaki Green.